Not Just Christmas: Liberals Plan to Ruin Your Thanksgiving Too!


by Benny Huang

American tradition sets aside every fourth Thursday in November as a time for people to thank God for their blessings, eat too much, and toss the football around.

Liberals have started a new tradition in recent years that I don’t like nearly as much—pushing their political agenda at the dinner table. In days gone by, civility dictated that politics was not on the menu. But no longer! Liberals now consider Thanksgiving the perfect opportunity to get preachy with their loved ones.

The White House-affiliated Organizing for America (OFA), an instrument of President Obama’s perpetual campaign, released this week its guide for discussing Obamacare at Thanksgiving dinner. Super! Now your halfwit liberal cousin can recite White House talking points to you about the merits of the most ill-conceived piece of legislation the world has ever known.

The guide is not designed as a how-to instruction manual to befuddle that silly uncle of yours who thinks Obamacare sucks. Its primary goal is to urge family members to sign up through the exchanges, and to counter the negativism of people who think it’s too complicated or expensive to bother with. We all know it’s not complicated at all because gobs of people have already successfully signed up online. (That was a joke.)

Getting people into the system is vital. If more people don’t start utilizing the exchanges, the whole system will crash. The odds of signing up enough people are looking longer and longer with each passing day.

I must admit that OFA’s approach surprises me. I had assumed that the guide would provide snappy comebacks to paranoid Uncle Larry’s assertion that he’s losing his health insurance. Accusing him of racism, for example, would be a suitable rebuttal to any argument Uncle Larry might throw out there. OFA’s Thanksgiving plan of attack does not however, provide tips on how to tap-dance around the fact that Uncle Larry, like two million other Americans, liked his plan just fine and he still can’t keep it. I guess they’ve given up trying to defend that falsehood.

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