Judicial Supremacy: The Left’s Weapon of Mass Destruction


What are the odds you could win a war if you never dismantled your enemy’s most devastating weapon, but instead allowed it unfettered access to devastate you?

Obviously those odds wouldn’t be good. Which explains why there was a rush to acquire the A-bomb towards the end of World War II, and why Mikhail Gorbachev finally came to the bargaining table once Reagan unveiled the Strategic Defense Initiative (or “Star Wars” program) in the mid-1980s. Whoever first acquires such advantages usually ends up winning the war.

The same is true in the battle to preserve our constitutional republic.

For well over a generation, the Left’s weapon of mass destruction has been the canard of “judicial supremacy,” meaning that whenever a court speaks, especially the U.S. Supreme Court, that is the final word on what the Constitution means, that the judiciary branch is superior to the other two branches, and even superior over the will of the people. Given how unpopular many of the Left’s most controversial ideas are, they needed this anti-constitutional scam to impose policies that would’ve never passed muster at the ballot box.
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