Judges Not Sure Ruling Against Obama’s Deferred Deportation Would Stop Flow of Illegals


While many have been following the lawsuit filed by 26 states to block Barack Obama’s illegal action known as ‘deferred deportation,’ another lawsuit should be getting some of your attention.

As you know, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a long running feud with Barack Hussein Obama. It all started when Arpaio responded to the petition filed by over 200 county citizens requesting an official investigation of the official birth certificate released by the White House. Arpaio gave the investigation to the department’s Cold Case Posse. As they started digging into the issue, they found overwhelming evidence that proved the birth certificate was a forgery and fraud, along with Obama’s Social Security Number and Selective Service Card.

As Arpaio and his colleagues began going public with their findings, Obama launched an attack on Arpaio. He was accused of racial profiling for trying to enforce the laws and stop illegal drug and human trafficking. He got a liberal judge to strip Arpaio’s department of their ability to enforce federal immigration laws and find Arpaio guilty of the racial profiling charges.
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