Judge Jeanine – Most Powerful Voice on FOX


You just have to see her. She is the most powerful voice on FOX News, and you may not know about her. I just wanted point her out to you.

So many TV personalities who have strong opinions on politics get mad. They lose it. Outrage manifests itself in anger. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s monologues maintain the outrage and the composure. She taps into relevant personal information to set up well-made points, relevant recent history about the issues she discusses, and her knowledge of the law from her legal background.

Last week, she pointed out that the Obama administration will be giving bonuses to IRS employees—seventy million dollars. She also brought in the story about the IRS sending more than 46 million dollars in tax refunds to almost 24,000 unauthorized alien workers at the same address. She appeals to common sense, old-fashioned values, and the law of the land.

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