Judge Who Granted Injunction Against President Trump’s Travel Ban Based His Decision on a Lie, and He Knows It!


Judge James Robarts, the federal judge who granted an injunction against President Trump’s temporary ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, based his decision on a barefaced lie, and he either knows that, which would make him corrupt, or he didn’t know that, which would make him incompetent, neither of which is a desirable quality in an individual with the lives of people in his hands every day.

Robarts based his decision to grant the injunction on his belief that there have been no terrorist incidents by refugees from the seven banned countries, which is not true, and Robarts knows that or certainly should have known that before granting the injunction. Having not done this elementary background work is unforgivable for a sitting federal judge, in my opinion, and certainly warrants impeachment, which would be a simple matter in the House, but more difficult in the Senate where a conviction would require a 2/3 majority. If We the People scream loudly enough, it will happen.

President Trump could have ignored Robarts’ injunction, since a Massachusetts judge ruled in favor of the ban, but knowing that it would create a constitutional crisis pitting the judicial branch against the executive branch, Trump simply appealed. The case should be heard shortly in the Supreme Court and the ban upheld, as the language in our Constitution is clear, giving the President full authority to implement such a ban, as well as there being many cases of precedence from Jimmy Carter to Barack Hussein of presidents implementing travel bans from certain countries based upon national security concerns.


Judge James Robart, a federal district judge in Seattle, stated that no one from the seven countries on Trump’s list – Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya – has been arrested on terrorism charges since the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on America, according to WND.

His comment, made in open court on Friday, went unchallenged in the establishment media all weekend and into Monday, while WND reported it was inaccurate and gave a partial list of terror incidents that have been plotted or carried out by Somali and Iraqi immigrants since 9/11.

Where is Politifact? Where is Snopes? Where are all the other media fact-checkers to correct the mistaken judge?

“Judge Robart no doubt knows the mainstream media is a propaganda arm for the left’s globalist agenda, and so no one would report the falsity of his statement except ‘discredited’ or ‘right-wing’ news outlets,” said Robert Spencer, an Islam expert who blogs for the David Horowitz Freedom Center at JihadWatch.org.

Finally, on Monday afternoon, the Associated Press came out with a fact-check on Robart’s comment, debunking it as patently false.

“WASHINGTON — The federal judge who halted President Donald Trump’s travel ban was wrong in stating that no one from the seven countries targeted in Trump’s order has been arrested for extremism in the United States since the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Just last October, an Iraqi refugee living in Texas pleaded guilty to attempting to provide support to the Islamic State group, accused of taking tactical training and wanting to blow himself up in an act of martyrdom. In November, a Somali refugee injured 11 in a car-and-knife attack at Ohio State University, and he surely would have been arrested had he not been killed by an officer.”

CNN, the New York Times and the major TV networks were silent on the legitimacy of an exchange Friday in federal court between Robart and Justice Department lawyer Michelle Bennett, who was tasked with defending Trump’s executive order.

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