Join The Rebellion, Dispose the System, Be a Renegade


‘Rebellion’ is the derogatory term that others made derogatory, probably because those people hate the very idea. Rebellion does not mean bad; most bad rebels make rebellion come with vandalism, lewdness, arson, crude words, and a number of other destructive tendencies. Though, some of the best things that happened for society were rebellions.

The story of our founding is one of rebellion. We were a nation of rebels, traveling from the the evil monarchy that restricted us from worshiping God like people were supposed to. And when that king made them pay for their freedom through taxation without representation, we told them “See ya! We’re our own people now.” Which is the basic message of The Declaration of Independence. And our rebellion from evil led us to war, and with some muskets, a few brave men, and some help from God, we won. The legacy of a nation of rebels continues to this day, and is the center of the world. All because a few people grew tired of what the system was producing.

It’s about time for that to happen once again. Our nation is corruption-run. It can be seen plainly, and those whom commit the evil don’t care. It’s our time to fight back. Don’t listen to what you’ve been told, and listen to history instead. Time doesn’t pull the wicked straight; only action does. If we want change, we will have to become a nation of rebels once again.

No, do not be the rebels that you see on T.V. They have no idea what being a rebel means. They’re just mad about something they vaguely know about. They have no means to change it, and no ends to what they want the result to look like. Just like grunge. I enjoy grunge music, but it’s clear that they’re mad, for the sake of being mad.

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