John McCain is a gutless, damned idiot


by Michael Becker

We live in Arizona. We have never voted for John McCain, other than voting against Barack Obama in 2008, but make no mistake we required a nose clip, tetanus shots, and a significant quantity of cheap alcohol to perform the act. We used the cheap stuff because we’re not wasting 21 year old scotch on the likes of a worthless SOB like McCain.

That brings us to John Kerry.

In a spirit of full disclosure, John Kerry committed treason in 1973 when, as a US Naval Reserve Officer, he gave aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese in Paris. His worthless, treasonous, cowardly ass was bailed out by Jimmy Carter when Carter ordered a review of “less than honorable” discharges and Kerry was basically pardoned and his discharge was upgraded.

Do I have the facts to prove that? No. But why else would we be still waiting for Kerry to release his full military records as he promised to do in 2004?

He’s one of the few US Senators who is more distasteful than John McCain and if some future President wants to set things right for a generation of US servicemen who served honorably in Vietnam and were sold out first by their government and then by our current Secretary of State, we have a new rope in the garage we’ll donate to hang the SOB.

Back to Kerry and McCain.

Barack Obama nominated John Kerry to serve as Secretary of State after he decided his first choice, the disgusting and despicable, anti-Semite Susan Rice would have to answer too many embarrassing questions about Benghazi in a confirmation hearing.

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