John Legend, What’s Really Going On?


by Lisa Burgard

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Recently, I had the pleasure of an invitation to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl with my good friend and neighbor. She called to say she had several extra box tickets and wondered if I would like to attend with my daughter as my husband was away on a business trip. I said yes before even learning who was in concert because the experience of being outside on a cool summer night in Los Angeles is always a good idea.

She mentioned that she loved John Legend and that he would be doing songs by Marvin Gaye. I said, “Sounds great, Effi!” though I had no idea who John Legend was…But my ten year old daughter heard his name and started jumping up and down. “MOM!!! Pleeeeez, we have, have, have to go! He is so cool!” I giggled and surprisingly replied, “Okay, okay, we will go. Now, calm down.”

So we arrived early, valet parked and made our way to our mid-stage seats with an amazing view. We were giddy as we spread the Dollar Store red and orange polka dot plastic table cloths onto our tables with yummy Gelson Market salads, salmon and crab cakes. Effi and I enjoyed sipping a nice white wine ironically named “Conundrum” (which turned out to be a rather revealing omen) as we waited for the start of the concert.

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