John Kerry’s Dialectic: The Climate Change Gambit


by Dennis Behreandt

Collectivists are very simple minded. Unable to come to grips with the complexity of individuality, they instead lump people together into groups. For the National Socialists of Hitlerian Germany, there were groups of Jews and Aryans. For the international socialists of the communist nations, there were the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. For tribal collectivists, there is one tribe versus another. But, ultimately, all collectivism is of a tribalist mindset.

Often collectivists like to give the color of theory to their tribalism. Their preferred theory is that of the Hegelian dialect and its Marxist variation. This approach holds, in simplified form, that there are two opposing principles, a thesis and an antithesis that contradicts it, and a new synthesis that arises as a result of the conflict between thesis and antithesis. This dialectical process is often understood by Marxists and other collectivists as involving a “transformation of quantity into quality,” to put it in the words of V.I. Lenin.

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