John Kerry Hands American Sovereignty to the United Nations


by Onan Coca

Secretary of State John Kerry has defied the Senate and decided that he, not the representatives of the people of the United States, knows best about foreign treaties. Back in March, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) introduced an amendment to a budget bill that said the Senate would not support the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. His amendment passed by a vote of 53 – 46, with Republican opposition to the treaty unanimous, and several Democrats also voting with the Republicans. Does that matter to Secretary of State Kerry or his boss, President Barack Obama? No way. On Wednesday September 25, some 6 months after the Senate vote, John Kerry signed the treaty and added the United States to the list of countries who were joining the agreement.

Interestingly, our neighbor to the north and good friend, Canada, has chosen not to sign on to the UN treaty over concerns about private gun ownership in Canada. See, the Canadian government is worried that by signing the treaty, the law may inhibit the ability of lawful Canadian gun owners to carry their own firearms. Concern over gun rights has kept Canada from signing on, but our leadership has rushed headlong into this treaty with nary a concern about the rights of our citizens. The decision by Canadian leaders to stay out of the treaty has of course angered the left and their liberal media, who are using the fact that “even” the United States has signed on as a weapon to bludgeon Canada’s conservative government. But what the liberal Canadian media is not saying is that no treaty can be agreed upon by the Executive Branch without 2/3 support of the Senate.

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