John Dummett’s Conservative, Dark Horse Presidential Run: Can He Win?


by Kevin Fobbs

Many Americans may not have heard about John Dummett’s run for the presidency of the United States and others who did became enamored with his effort to bring the nation’s attention to what he and millions of others considered Barack Obama’s illegitimate birth certificate. In effect this could very well be the 21st century version of Jimmy Stewart’s 1930’s era movie of Mr. Smith’s Goes to Washington…maybe.

With such conservative political heavyweights like Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul who recently won the CPAC straw vote there are naysayers who may feel that Dummett cannot possibly have a second bite at the presidential sweepstakes. Yet, in speaking with the presidential candidate the earnest commitment to conservative values and principles can possibly ignite many converts along the trail from here to the nomination in 2016.

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