Jobs Report; Malia Beer Pong; Obamacare FAIL


Jobs report… more layoffs… suuuure, the economy is looking GREAT, right?!?!

Useless facts… sometimes you just need a break from the political craziness.

Ann Coulter slams Raven-Symone on The View. OUCH!

17-year-old, Malia Obama, caught drinking on college campus… beer pong and shots. Oh boy!

University of Florida to keep biblical inscription despite atheist protest. Uh oh! Queue the FFRF!

Hr2 Firefighter found Bible page fused to piece of 9-11 steel. The scripture is even more amazing!

Xander Gibb brings a little Xandermonium to Friday night… talking Ben Carson, politics, political correctness, and Israel. Why is Mayor de Blasio of NYC going to Israel? Is he going to tell them to stand down to Palestinians too?

Forget history! Apparently, NYC Mayor De Blasio trashed pictures of Founding Fathers and replaced them with more ‘diverse’ figures.

Two of the largest Obamacare co-ops folded leaving 400k people uninsured.

Lesbian anti-rape activist admits to raping her classmates. Why not outcry? If you speak out in LGBT community, you get ostracized. Xander says he’d rather speak out than be lumped in with someone like this!

Hr3 Some school administrators are too worried about the ACLU or FFRF dropping them a note. So what? Some things are worth fighting for. Call their bluff. Most of the time they don’t have a leg to stand on.

School violates own policy, sends student home on bus in just a shirt & underwear AND in tears!

Teaching teenagers to ask for explicit sexual consent every 10 minutes during sex. Apparently those Democrat loons in Sacramento have never had a sexual encounter… or maybe they just never lasted longer than 10 mins?

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