The Jill and Julia Show is Great but…


by Victoria Jackson

At the 45:50 mark on first video above is – “Somewhere in New Mexico” – I love this song. It’s beautiful and sad. It sounds to me like a desperate cry to Jesus from someone who wants to believe but can’t or won’t.

Jill Sobule sings, “I have a friend who swears she saw Jesus hovering above her lonely bed, she said it changed her life forever, “whatever works” I said, I sit at home changing channels, It’s so hard to concentrate, I laugh at her but I’m pretty sure she’s having a better day, So I will lay on the highway somewhere in New Mexico and wait for a strange light to come and take me home…I didn’t have faith in anything…take this jaded heart…get on my knees, something i don’t believe, somebody help me please…I will stand by the statue (Catholic reference) and wait for her to cry, I’d love to see a miracle once before I die…

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