Jesus and Paul Call Us to Judge


It seems that everyone in America today knows that Jesus said, “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

But how many people know that Jesus called us to make righteous judgments and that Paul called us to judge fellow believers?

One year ago, I wrote an article devoted to answering the question, “To Judge or Not to Judge?” It seems like now would be a perfect time to revisit the question, putting the emphasis on the importance of making righteous judgements.

When it comes to the biblical calling not to judge, Jesus, Paul, and Jacob (James) said in the strongest terms that we were not to judge hypocritically or superficially or falsely, and we were not to condemn (Matthew 7:1-5). That we were not to pass judgment on one another on disputable matters, nor judge God’s will for another believer (Romans 14:1-13); and that we were not to speak evil of one another (Jacob [James] 4:11-12).

At the same time, the entire Bible calls us to make moral judgments, without which the world could not function.
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