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by Kevin Jackson

Who knew Silicon Valley is racist!

Or is that where the money is? Jesse Jackson attended Hewlett-Packard’s annual shareholders meeting to spotlight the lack of minorities in high tech. Jackson claims that technology companies discriminate disproportionately in the hiring of “blacks and browns.”

According to Jackson, the comparison of blacks not getting high tech jobs versus blacks USE of high-tech is out of whack, or as Earl “Butch” Graves Jr., president and CEO of Black Enterprise magazine put it, “…companies don’t come close to hiring or spending what is commensurate with the demographics of their customers.”

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  • foxxybey

    How many black slave owners will pay? Jackson is dumber then a rock and has his head where the sun don’t shine and it smells.

    • duif100

      Maybe that is the reason the blacks don’t hold that many topo positions!

    • Chik

      He is a lying commie.

  • steven

    The Rev. Jackoff is running his big mouth again, I can’t help but wonder if he and the freed slave Sheila Jackson are related. lol lol

  • mrsgunnut10

    Does anybody know if Jesse Jackson has ever worked a day in his life ??? Looks to me like he always gets his money from sueing Big Businesses. Jackson and Sharpton must have the same freeloading Dada, he taught them good.

  • Oren Player

    Oh boy….here we go again. I got embroiled in a similar argument once. I was a manager of an engineering department. I got questioned by one of the blacks in the department….a draftsman. Why aren’t there more blacks in engineering? My answer….”when one comes thru the door with an appropriate degree and 5 years experience, we will give that person the same consideration as anyone else.”. I guess Jesse wants black PhD’s in engineering etc., without having to earn it.

    • rick

      Excellent answer.

      • freedomringsforall

        And people need to tell Jackson and Sharpton and the other race hustlers to F off.
        Especially other prominent blacks because he gives the black race one big black eye.
        Ok, so much for the jokes, but he really does an immense disservice to his own race.

  • Dave

    Go get a job Jessie

  • Richard Schwartz

    When will this trust do something constructive? To me this story is a BORE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hammer

    Hey Jesse…it’s a matter of IQ….


      The black football players get a free scholarship to play football in collage and a lot of them leave their Junior year and go to the NFL they see $ marks so they could care less if they got a degree.

      • Hammer

        Profesional sports is a great distroyer for potentialy intelagent blacks…all thru school if they are good they get a pass on grades for sports and once old enough they get drafted or thrown under the bus and we the white folks are to blame ” YEAH RIGHT ” and scum like sharpton and jackson convince them we owe them something when in fack if there is any owing at all it is from those that claim to be their savior and that goes all the way to the top of the crapper…..PERIOD…


          You hit the nail on the head Hammer!

      • pineapple

        Why aren’t whites represented in the NFL in proportion the number of whites who watch the game?

        • tomyj1

          DUH !

        • duif100

          Same question applies to basketball.

        • Doug

          Oh, you are just being a racist. (That’s a joke, son.)

          • Elton Robb

            I do believe that there is differences from the races. Blacks are well predisposed to physical activity. And the White race are predisposed to other things.

            After all, most blacks do Olympic racing. Olympic racing is overly represented by the Black man, but no one complains, actually.

      • Doc

        You see a lot of them homeless now because of blown knees or other injuries or drug abuse.

      • bruceusaftacp

        Even if they stay in collage for the four years, you have to go to class to learn anything.

    • duif100

      That is too complicated.
      You need an IQ to understand that and Jesse does not have one!

  • DeCater’nDC

    Silicon valley creates technology for the world. It hires people with the intelligence to do the job. The fact that there are not as many blacks and browns, as Jesse likes to call them, is because they are not being taught math and science. They are being taught how bad this country is, and how evil whites are, and nonsense subjects aimed at raising their self esteem instead of their intellectual capabilities, and how they should be given everything. They are not being allowed to learn. They are needed to perpetuate the welfare state.

    • duif100

      The blacks leach of others in our society.
      They have had the best chance to improve their station in life but faile to do so.
      How many black TV stations/channels do we have?
      In contrast:
      How many Hispanic TV stations/channels doe we have?
      How many Korean, Vietnames, Asian, etc
      The blacks don’t create enterprises, they demand their “fair share” of employment in enterprises created by others.

      • Patriot

        Is that why so many people want UNION – absolutely – and individuals use there money to start a company – and work very hard to get the right people in so they can make money and WOW what happens – oh my, the UNION and now dues are required and they company pays the UNION and the employee gets lazy – and has only one JOB to do because it is not in their contract to do more – and it shows all over AMERICA and truly in PUBLIC SCHOOLS where the teachers gets paid and the students do not learn and have not for years now. Most cannot even speak proper English cannot spell either. Thank you UNIONS for protecting those that really do NOT want to work. And now you want to take over a company you had nothing to do with getting started but you found a LAZY person that wanted to be protected and sit on their ass and do nothing and you were allowed to threaten people to get what you wanted. Shame on Americans for not standing up and saying hell no, if I don’t like my JOB I will quit.

  • got243kids

    Mawomph da mo bleek peepholes widat engenious digrees? Id dat white peepholes isda holden dem down… Hada noting toe do widat universities cause wi-dun controls dem now threw dat legalegislative programs culled affirmative actions..

    Damn nascar rascists haven’t turned left far enuff..

    • Doc

      Had to close one eye and hit myself in the head with a hammer to read this.LOL

      • got243kids

        I noticed he was never the same after being caught on a hot mike disparaging Obama…. He disappeared for about 6 months and his speech has been incomprehensible ever since. He also talks with his jaw clenched, like it’s been broken, kind of like McCain does.

        No sympathy here… just an observation regarding an incessant progressive tool.

  • Doc

    All people get free education K thru 12. You want to work in Silicon
    Valley? Get the education. You want to go to college you have to receive
    very high marks in high school. Just about everything above minimum
    wage requires higher education and years of work related training.
    Companies are NOT going to just give it to you because your a “person of
    When you see riots in America who do you see? When a mod ransacts a
    store who do you see. When gangs of youth surround a car and attack the
    people inside who do you see. When the knock out game is played who do
    you see.

    Those with education do not engage in these types of activities. You want in? Get educated. You don’t want in? Stay a slave to the democrat party. Education is the key. Education will set you free. You have to make the choice.

    • Doc

      PS. You want reparations? Show me a slave from before 1865.

  • Floridastorm

    I’ve got a novel idea. Why doesn’t Silicon Valley tell Jackson to take a hike?

  • Tallfritz

    After Jesse has been my slave for 20 or 30 years, i might consider paying repairations.
    Till then, Jesse can go get a real job.

  • 1LTLos

    So tell the Blacks to stop using the technology – especially since they buy this stuff with EBT cards and use the technology in class when they should be listening – which is why they will never see a Tech job moron!

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    I wonder how successful JJ will be in shaking down Silicon Valley. If the techies have any commons sense, they’ll tell him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. He should be ridiculed as the race baiting pimp that he is and when that happens, he will have no power nor hold over the intended corporate victims. By Jackson’s logic, if a manufacturer’s employee base should match its customer base, Mattel should be hiring a huge number of children and Pampers and Huggies should be hiring babies. What a moron!

  • AD Roberts

    As of now, about 50% of the people on commercials are black. That backgrounded by blacks being 14% of the population. How did this happen?
    Just EXACTLY the actions of Jackson and the cowardice of CEO’s.
    They don’t want to be treated fairly. They want it given to them

  • Sam Stephens

    Hey Jesse, go suck dirt.

  • Mac Boy

    The Not so Reverend, Jack’s Son is doing his part with Sharpton to keep “Mah People” down on de plantation ………. Bring me a melon, Sambo……
    . and make it Ripe this time !!

  • ASP

    Jesse must be running low on money every time he need’s Money he raises Hell so they don’t have listen to his BIG Mouth running.l and they pay him to go away

  • T

    Jackson and sharpton are nothing more the race baiting con artists trying to extort whites for money. There are poor people in all races and it’s disgusting idiots like these refuse to acknowledge other races but their own and they call themselves minister!

  • D S

    Wish this clown would dry up and go away. He is a Big Mouth Idiot. Being Selfish and Self-centered is his M.O. Corporations should refuse to knuckle under to his form of extortion.


    Is that all blacks ever think of..getting something for nothing?? With the exception of a few blacks are the most worthless ethnic group on the planet.

  • foxxybey

    Jesse, how many drugs do you take a day? You look like crud and your brain is no better, idiot race baiting so and so.

  • mathis1689

    As a con artist Jesse Jackson would do the Mafia proud. Actually the Mafia are a bunch of amateurs compared to the racket people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton run.

  • duif100

    I believe that the blacks should pay the families of the past slace owners for saving their lives.
    Without them their slave ancestors would have been killed by their own tribals heads and/or conquerers.
    Aks Kackson what the value is of a black life.

  • foxxybey

    Hard to hold office if your the slave who has to follow the masters who control you both black and white?

  • poppygene

    Jesse ( ” Pastor of the PLAYBOY MANSION TABERNACLE Jackson is only second in being stupid, to the thief, “REV” Al ( Tawana Brawley was raped by whitemen”) lies he started, and was caught with the slime drooling out of his mouth., Their vocabulary is restricted to “those guys are racists”. Neither does anything without being paid. The old “tea party” is racist claim, has to this day not been shown by exactly what is supposedly going on to make the “racist” tag stick. Maybe they should take a very clear look at the increasingly large number of black people joining Tea Party’s across the country.

  • Oldveteran

    This is just a “move” to line HIS pockets with more money chasing a supposed racist practice. Lets look at the cause; How many blacks and browns go to schools (K-12) that will give them the education to be able to get a job in silicon valley? The majority will have just attended “public schools” , taught by union teachers. Some of them will go to college, but today, how many degree “holders” received a good enough education from THE COLLEGE that will make those grads able to get a job in silicon valley? Jesse may say the “system” causes this. Correct! BUT who built this system and FORCED IT ON THE KIDS? Keeping the people “down” is what keeps the people like Jesse in power.

  • Webb

    Jackson…How Much MONEY have You made Off Pushing The Race card in Every Form There Is Today! Slavery Was Wrong, But How Long Does America Have To continue paying For That Mistake? Bearing No Ill Will Toward Any Color….I’m Sick Of Hearing The Jacksons, Sharptons and Progressives Playing Black America against The Rest of Us! Divide, Divide, Divide, From Obama, Right Down The Line…It Must Change To have Peace in America!!

    • Patriot

      America does not need to pay for it period. Stand up every time you hear the Jesse Jackson and the Al Sharptons trying to sell the race card. It is a Democrat MOVE that has been used for decades. Do not apologize if your not a racist because there are very many black racists – just say it the way it is – these two individuals could never have matched up to Martin Luther King and they know it. Dumb is Dumb it has NO COLOR. The Divide has been brought
      on by the current administration who live like kings and queens in their million dollar homes and wanted to stay in power period and it worked. Read the signs when Al Sharpton and the UNIONS want their own way – COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST – PROGRESSIVE etc., etc. They want America changed and want to keep getting paid for the help they are giving a once great nation. Wish they had moved out of the country but we did not speak up and stand for something and now we are in a mess period. Welfare is nothing MORE than slavery to the government. Have babies but don’t get married because we will cut you off – but the guy can live with you if you do not tell us. You are entitled to whatever I have but you do not have to work because you are NOT educated enough. Been going on for decades and it is certainly worse now than ever – more people disabled than every before in our HISTORY.

  • Tony Donaldson

    This is a NENN problem. Not Enough Negro Nerds.

  • Patriot

    My my Jesse Jackson and the good ole Al Sharpton. Being that they both get paid to push “HATE” in America they are busy at it again – they must be close to broke playing with the so called “ELITE” so often. Jesse you need to understand that people should only get a JOB if they are qualified not because of the color of their skin. This “Racist” B.S. is exactly that and after 70 years watching it come back under the current administration is disgusting. The race card B.S. only works on the dumb WHITE people that are prejudice not a white person that does not care what color you are if you can do the JOB. Not by lowering the test for someone but by taking the same test as I do. We have the same teachers – why did you not learn and I had to or wanted to. Why is it that now we are told we discriminate against “BLACKS” if we ask for voter I.D. ? What an insult to every black person alive today and you sit back and let the government call you “STUPID” by lowering the test score for you and saying you are to dumb to register to VOTE. My My – wake up Americans and stand for something because the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharptons will never to anything to help their own they insite them to act out period. If in this day and age you still cannot fill out a form to register to VOTE and you cannot pass a TEST for JOB – who are we helping with WELFARE and FREE housing and food? We better get busy teaching people how to READ, WRITE and understand – NO WORK – NO FOOD. How will that work?

  • Donald York

    Another shakedown Jesse?
    Eric Holder did it to Toyota a couple days ago to the tune of $1.2 Billion dollars. Who’s teaching who?

  • California70

    Personally, I’m totally sick to death of Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton “shaking down” the white folk!

    I don’t give a crap if they call me racist. The heck with them and their “politically correct” censorship of the English language!

    I completely agree with with Dr. Ben Carson. He is a Black man with integrity, honesty, and great intelligence. Not a common “Shake-down” artist, Chicago Thug like Jesse Jackson. I hope Silicon Valley has the smarts to tell Jackson to “take a long walk on a short pier”!


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