Jenny Beth Martin on Tea, Partying and Politics


It is a huge honor for me to interview the founder of Tea Party Patriots. Jenny Beth Martin, thank you so much for taking the time out to speak to me.

JBM: No Problem.


JD: Tell me about your group, how it was founded, and how it is different from other Tea Party Groups?

JBM: We are Tea Party Patriots, and have been a part of this modern day tea party movement since 2009. Rick Santelli had a rant on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange back in February of 2009, complaining about the stimulus bill and bailouts, and thought it was not the right thing for government to do and he called for a Tea Party. He said our Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves and we need a tea party like they did. Well some of us heard his rant, got on Twitter that afternoon, had tea party groups a week later, and have been active ever since. We have over 3,000 voluntarily affiliated local groups around the country. Tea Party groups all stand for free markets, so we believe in competition and that competition makes you stronger, smarter and sharper and we are all working towards the same goal of fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited government and free markets.

JD: Barack Obama recently said he believes the Democrats have a great chance to retake the House. What is your response to that and how can that be stopped?

JBM: Firstly the people who care about the constitution, freedom and the size and scope of government have to be very active. They need to use Tea Party Patriots and other organizations to start talking to our peers, neighbors and fellow voters and make sure they understand why we are fighting for Constitutional Limited Government, and what it means. These scandals especially the IRS scandal is an overreach of Government. This was the Government using the IRS as a political weapon to target us just because of what we believe in politically. This is why we want the Government to be held accountable, to see what is going on, and to ensure the Government won’t be used as a weapon against us. We have to continue and fight for our values, and if we want to win in the battle of ideas we are going to have to be out there working hard to tell why our ideals are the right ones for America.

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