Jeb Bush: Marching Forth to Defeat the Conservative Base


the Jeb campaign created a stir this past week by busing supporters to the CPAC venue in Maryland – lively interest, as you might say, from such a dead cat.  Setting up buses to ensure Jeb supporters are in the audience argues something beyond a mere willingness to have the candidate speak in less-friendly venues.  The product of this effort appeared to be the audience applause for one of Jeb’s tiredest lines about there being no plan to “deport 11 million people” – a line with a prejudicial premise that the average CPAC goer would not, in fact, clap and cheer for.

There’s a whiff in this, not so much of trying to stack the CPAC straw poll, as of being unwilling to let the conservatives have their assembly on their own terms.  It looks like using tactics to try to dilute the conservatives’ message.  People who don’t think about it very hard may well take at face value the apparent favorable reaction from the audience to Jeb’s “not deporting 11 million people” line.

Add to that the recent revelations about the Bush campaign’s demand for exclusivity with political consulting firms – a year before the primaries even start.

Their message, according to dozens of interviews, is blunt: They want the top talent now, they have no interest in sharing, and they will remember those who signed on early — and, implicitly, those who did not. The aim is not just to position Mr. Bush as a formidable front-runner for the Republican nomination, but also to rapidly lock up the highest-caliber figures in the Republican Party and elbow out rivals by making it all but impossible for them to assemble a high-octane campaign team.

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