JEB BUSH: Definitely Not The Way To Go In 2016


Two words will guarantee a 2016 loss for liberty, and boost the odds of America’s demise: Jeb Bush.

We didn’t win much in last month’s midterm election, did we (that’s not a question). Sure, we may have taken our foot off the gas a bit, perhaps preventing or at least delaying a full-on dictatorship, but it’s clear our Republican “leaders” are nothing of the kind. Only a scant few have the guts to actually stop Obama from further decimating our beloved America. On that note, I’m no longer convinced fear is the thing keeping Republicans from fulfilling their campaign promises.

Until a conservative (not just Republican) majority in the House and Senate is firmly in place, Obamacare is here to stay. Our record debt, currently at $18 trillion and rising, is here to stay. EPA regulations, choking out our coal and other industries, are here to stay. Everything else that stifles innovation and individual liberty is here to stay.
Barack Obama is our most successful president. Tell me, what has Obama set out to do that he has not done? Behold the disaster.

Elections are suppose to counter such disasters, but winning these elections mean nothing if those in office either agree with Obama or are too afraid to act. We just “won” last month and not just a win but a historical butt kicking. So while we might think we can take a breather before firing up the next electoral season, alas, we have to get busy right now. So let’s look to 2016 and the candidates already popping up.

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