Jeb and GOP Establishment Work Together with CNN to Attack Trump


In a move that’s no surprise to anyone who’s paid attention, the GOP (Republican establishment) made another attempt to damage Donald Trump’s campaign this week by joining with Jeb Bush’s campaign and CNN to attack him.

Think about that. CNN, the GOPe, and Jeb Bush all aligned together. That should tell you something about who they really are and why none of them are our friends and they cannot be trusted. CNN is nothing but a typical Democrat aiding network just like the other major TV networks, except for Fox who is the GOPe supporting network. The GOPe, the home of the likes of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, wants to continue to grow government and take rights away from American citizens, just like the Democrats. And Jeb Bush is their favored candidate. Although they’ve got others such as Marco “give ’em amnesty” Rubio, Carly FioRINO Fiorina, and John “Obamacare is a good thing” Kasich, etc. in the wings in case they need them. These people are not out to help America.

But this time the focus needs to be on Jeb Bush and his efforts with the GOPe and CNN to damage Trump. In a report that should be headline news for all conservative media, the Conservative Treehouse has brought out an eye-opening story. (I highly recommend clicking this link to read the entire story as it’s well worth your time to see what was done.)
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