Jade Helm 15 exercise: Gov. Greg Abbott orders Texas Guard to monitor


Citizens in the states affected by unconventional warfare exercise Jade Helm 15 — especially Texas — haven’t been reassured by the briefings they’ve received recently from military representatives.

There’s still a lot of concern about an exercise that will involve inserting special forces operatives into communities in Texas and Utah, which are notionally considered “hostile” territory for the exercise.

As laid out in my original post on Jade Helm (first link above), the purpose of the exercise is to drill in “unconventional warfare,” a branch of irregular warfare (IW) that focuses on supporting insurgencies in foreign countries.  It’s important to note that this focus should in no way lead to things like violating Posse Comitatus, or sending federal troops around to collect firearms from Americans.

The special forces trainees will be simulating support for a local resistance or insurgency organization.  The idea will be that they’re working with partisans that the U.S. considers friendly.  In Texas, “hostile” territory, they won’t be doing anything that would involve using government force against citizens.  Their exercise focus will be operating against a notional foreign government.
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