Jackson, Sharpton and Holder Want a National Conversation About Race


Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder are all talking about having a national conversation about race. Luckily, I know that they do not represent all blacks in America, because my impression is that their idea of a “conversation” is them telling whites how terrible and racist we are.

Then we are supposed to bow our heads in shame and say, “Yes, you’re right, we’re all awful, evil people and even if we personally never did anything to anyone, we are still responsible for all whites and all whites’ behavior.” What they are really looking for is conFRONTation, not conVERsation.

So a true conversation will likely never happen. Oh, sure, liberal folks like Chris Matthews will play their assigned roles and apologize for all of us and actually think that‘s helping start a conversation. But just as Al and friends don’t speak for all blacks, Chris Matthews does NOT speak for all white people any more than I do. How absolutely arrogant of him to even think he can say that.

So I have a few things to tell Jesse, Al, Eric and Chris. They hate the history of racism and the treatment of blacks, as well they should. And I would never say that racism doesn’t exist. But they act like they are different than those that they hate – and they are not. They are the exact same people. For many years, white people had the “power” to “be” racist, to act without impunity, even without punishment or accountability.

Now that pendulum has swung the other way. Blacks are the ones with the “power” to be racist, to act without impunity or accountability. So now that they have this same power they hated in whites, are they proving that they are superior to the white racists? No. Are they thinking that even though they have the power, they are not using or abusing it? No, they are taking full advantage of it. Everyone always has their excuses for their bad behavior. Slave owners truly believed they were superior to blacks.

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