I’ve Labored 100 Months to Arrive at the Following ‘Gay Marriage’ Prediction


For over eight years I have been involved in the battle to protect natural, biblical marriage.

Soon, the most consequential ruling in the Supreme Court’s 226 year history will be revealed. If they decide, as I expect, that gay marriage is a “constitutional right”, then it becomes federal law and we cannot “discriminate” against any gay couple or gay person.

SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) would impose same-sex marriage and anti-discrimination restrictions on every person and state in America. This redefines marriage, opening the door for polygamy, polyamory and polyandry. Curriculum in schools will change to align with this position.

End of the matter? Actually this represents only the beginning of an avalanche of court cases related to this issue. Leaders and people in churches, schools, ministries and universities will face the revoking of tax-exempt status, penalties and jail time if they don’t comply.
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