It’s Time to Arm American Citizens


Once again America is horrified by another mass shooting. This time it took place in San Bernardino, California where a Muslim husband and wife shot and killed 14 and wounded a number of others. And once again, Barack Obama is calling for more gun control designed to keep guns out of the hands of more American citizens. He continues to spew the same old rhetoric that stricter gun control and universal background checks will reduce such mass shootings.

Obama stated that America has a no fly list and the same people that are banned from flying can legally purchase firearms. In fact, the Muslim couple did legally purchase at least 2 of their guns and they passed the FBI background check. They were born and raised here in the US.

One person interviewed on the news said that the best way to survive an active shooter situation is to:

“Get out, hide, take cover or take action. Taking a shooter out is best action to save lives.”

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