It’s the House’s Duty to Impeach President Obama


Yes, it would be difficult, likely impossible to remove him.  But the House must impeach, just as a prosecutor must indict for a grave crime, even if conviction is unlikely. And impeachment would achieve an essential purpose, even without conviction.  Obama has repeatedly defied our Constitution, with no consequences.  It is the very foundation of America and we cannot allow it to be flouted — particularly by the most powerful official in the land.  Worse, still: most Americans are utterly unaware of this systematic dismantling of their country’s most precious possession.

Few would dispute that America has been transformed since 2009, and not for the better.  It’s very possible that President Obama has altered the Nation beyond reclamation.  Whether this is true or not, we must strive mightily to arrest and reverse the changes he’s made.

There’s little doubt his revisions were part of a goal that he set from the beginning.  Just one aspect of that goal was to fundamentally alter America’s demographics by legalizing a host of illegal aliens.

On June 15, 2012 the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that people brought here as children, by their illegal alien parents could apply for deferral of deportation and a work permit, under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  Pew Research estimated that 1.7 million people could benefit from this amnesty.
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