Ithaca Gun Company, an American Tradition Reborn


In a time when just about every US manufacturer is outsourcing jobs overseas, it is encouraging to see US companies employing craftsman like the ones who helped make America great. We have all seen the decline in quality of many of the models of firearms we grew up with. For example, it is easy to tell the difference in quality between an early 1970’s Remington 870 and one made today simply by picking it up. Ithaca Gun Company (in Upper Sandusky, Ohio) is one of the firearms companies reversing this trend of poor quality and remaking a classic American firearm.

I have to be honest with you that I never really shot an Ithaca shotgun prior to their relocation to Upper Sandusky, OH from New York in 2005. The main reason was that over the years Ithaca’s quality had slipped so much that I saw no point in purchasing one of their firearms. It’s hard to pin point exactly when Ithaca guns turned from a masterpiece into a flaming pile of crap, but I’d say it was probably in the 1970’s (as with a lot of US firms) during their first bankruptcy. In 2007 Ithaca was purchased by Dave Dlubak. Dave, Mike Farrell and the rest of the Ithaca team in Upper Sandusky have truly reinvented the Ithaca brand. I have now had an opportunity to see, shoot, and own these finely crafted shotguns and 1911 pistols. All of which have operated flawlessly.

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