It Beginning To Look A Lot Less Like Christmas


Can you feel it in the air? Can you tell what time of the year it is? It starts in September… rapid fire… What are we doing for Halloween? Thanksgiving? and Christmas, err, I mean the holidays? Almost no one has an issue with Halloween. And after years of telling the little ones to take nothing from strangers, we dress up our little people, scare the life out of them, and then tell them its funny! Make sure you check your candy and don’t talk to strangers, except those people in masks giving out candy, because they’re not really strangers, they’re just people dressed up strangely giving out candy you might not be safe with…

And then there’s Thanksgiving. If you can get past the revisionist history stating that Columbus mascaraed the Indians and then gave thanks, and you decide to study up on the real story instead of swallowing the load of garbage you’re being fed… you will simply give thanks and enjoy the time with your family…

Then the real battle begins. No, not the one deciding what to buy for whom or who gets a gift at the office and who doesn’t. Not even what credit card to max out. It’s making the decision about whether or not you can say “Merry Christmas.” Well can you?

I was at S####cuts the other day, I noticed that there were NO Christmas or holiday decorations. When I asked them why, I was told the corporate office says there is not to be any type of celebration of the Christmas or holiday season. Odd! Why is that (even though you could by a little gift card with a snowman on it… confusing)? “We might offend someone,” she said. Well, you just did. Me! And I make up 72% of Americans who say they believe in God and an even larger number who say they are not offended when offered a Merry Christmas in a genuine way.
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