Israel & Hamas: No Moral Equivalence


Guest post by Matthew Ung

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In the comments section under one of those ghastly, bloody pictures of a partial body of a civilian in Gaza, I recently had a bleeding-heart liberal tell me on Facebook:
“People don’t just go out and join these groups (Hamas) based solely on ideology so much as they see their entire family killed and only know one way to get back at the people who did it. You sit here from your comfortable life and don’t even stop to think how you’d react if your wife and kids, or even more been blown to pieces.”

This is the “everyone is a freedom fighter to someone” argument, formally known as the moral equivalence fallacy. And it’s widespread enough to write an article about. But do we really need to walk a mile in an Islamofascist’s shoe-bombs to understand why they join terrorist groups?

Come now, and let us reason together. The conflict in the Middle East…

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