Isn’t Dead Stuff Beautiful?


Well fall is finally here and that always brings with it those beautiful colors and symbols that we all cherish and hang on to as a nation. Of course I am referring to blood, corpses and fear. Halloween is right around the corner, I know that because the moment you walk around the corner someone or something will be there to jump out and scare the crap out of you!

I guess I am a little sentimental but I recall when October ushered in the color of autumn leaves, gourds and Indian corn. Nowhere did we find it important to celebrate death, or did we?

If you think about it, and you probably didn’t but fear not, that’s why God invented me, so I could do the thinking for you, fall was the celebration of death. The beautiful; “fall colors” of the leaves is the result of the leaves passing away but going out in a blaze of glory..literally.

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