Islamists Deny Media Access to Texas Muslim Conference with No Explanation


Following the Islamic jihad attacks at Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, the Obama administration made it clear that they were going to go after those of us in the media who write anti-jihad articles. That was shortly followed by a DDoS attack on Pamela Geller’s website. However, Texas decided to host a Muslim event that promoted the same ideology concerning telling the truth about Islam and its “prophet” called “Stand with the Prophet.” As a result, freedom loving patriots rallied around Geller and her organization’s free speech protest of the event. As media reporters descended on Texas to cover the Islamic conference, they were denied access even after they had paid for tickets and airfare. But the taqiyya and the subsequent Sharia enforcement by police will blow you away.

The United West has documented what took place in an eleven and a half minute video, which you can see below.

Fox News reporter Jesse Watters, Damon Rosen of The United West and Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon are seen in the video having had their tickets to the event revoked. Christian Post reporters and other “certain” individuals who also purchased tickets in advance and made the trip to Texas were denied access.

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