Islamic State Seized Large Numbers of US Weapons and Tanks in Ramadi


This is now a pattern going back years, and I am not just talking about the Obama administration running weapons to Libya via Benghazi — which led to the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three attaches. Those weapons found their way to the ISIS weapons cache, as did Obama’s weapons transfer to “moderate” jihadists in Syria.

Obama’s incoherent, delusional policies have helped the Islamic State win any number of key victories. President Obama’s ISIS strategy sent the Free Syrian Army into combat, with US arms, against the Islamic State. The problem with this is it had been abundantly documented that the Free Syrian Army was/is collaborating with the Islamic State. They also have the same goal: a Sunni Sharia state in Syria. So Obama’s policy is futile and incoherent.

Obama helped create the Islamic State by withdrawing precipitously from Iraq. Then he gave the “moderates” in Syria weapons, but they weren’t moderates and turned over their weapons to the Islamic State, or in some cases the Islamic State captured them. So the Islamic State has won some of its victories with help from American weaponry.
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