Islamic Halal Products Fund Muslim Brotherhood


Back to halal. You may not have a problem with the manner in which Muslims dispatch animals to produce halal meats, or what they say as they do so, and that’s fine. But you may have issue with funding terrorism. Is it just me, or does every Muslim venture seem either to involve conquest or funneling money to terror groups for that aim?

American food producers and processers are signing on to halal certified foods and beverages. I understand, if that’s how they wish to “process” meats, but why make halal certified chocolate bars, soda, raisins, cereal, etc.? Easy — to make money.

A lot of the food and beverage producers see the millions of Muslims invading the west and wish to get in on the action. They see it as a new revenue stream. So they set up a separate production line for halal products, or sometimes just incorporate a “halal certified” emblem on their product.

Companies pay for this “halal certification.” It may be a flat annual fee, or quarterly, monthly — whatever. And whom do they pay? Well, in this country, it’s the Islamic Food & Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), that works closely with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), known to fund Hamas and other terror groups. They also have ties to The Mosque Foundation, the Muslim World League, and the Muslim Society of America. All have ties to various terror groups. All these organizations lead back to the Muslim Brotherhood. The “halal certification fee” is the major source of the Brotherhood’s funding of terror.
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