Islamic Congressmen Seek to Ban Geert Wilders from US for Anti-Islam Views


Dutch representative Geert Wilders, who has become famous the world over for his strong stand against Islam, is scheduled to speak on Capitol Hill this month at the request of Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX). However, there is a couple of Islamic congressmen who aren’t happy about it, and have not petitioned the Obama administration to ban Wilder from the US because of his anti-Islamic position.

Foreign Policy obtained a letter from Democrat, Islamic congressmen Keith “I’ll take my oath on the Koran” Ellison (MN) and Andre “Let’s model US public schools after Islamic madrassas and the Koran” Carson (IN).

“We write to raise our deep concern regarding the visit of Mr. Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker known for perpetuating Islamaphobia,” the two stealth jihad congressmen wrote. “Mr. Wilders is scheduled to have a series of meetings in Washington next week. We respectfully request that the U.S. government deny Mr. Wilders entry due to his participation in inciting anti-Muslim aggression and violence.”

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