Islam: Satan’s Pit-Bull


by Pete Parker

The recent terrorist attack in Kenya once again demonstrates that Islam is, indeed, Satan’s pit-bull. The sheer barbarity of the assault (innocent men, women and children executed at close range) underscores a vile dogma that has demanded the rape, torture and slaughter of millions of “infidels” since its nascency in the bowels of hell centuries ago.

Those who espouse the notion that the savagery perpetrated in Kenya is a gross and unfair mischaracterization of Islam are – for lack of a more substantive term – full of sh**!

Whenever one of these Islamo-fueled attacks occur, the usual cast of characters from President Obama to left-wing pundits to spineless Republicans shrill that such organizations as al-Qaeda and al-Shabab do not represent the religion of “peace and tolerance.”


Such politically correct howls help distort and belie the historical record of Islam. A record (mind you) that clearly indicates that al-Qaeda and al-Shabab in fact do follow the paradigm set by Islam and its maniacal founder – the Prophet Mohammed.

According to Islamic scholars – Mohammed led seventy-two military campaigns (jihads) in order to violently subjugate, rape, torture and behead his non-Muslim neighbors.

Following the Battle of the Trench (627 AD) – Mohammed (in his usual fashion) beheaded over 900 men from the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza while their women and children looked on in absolute horror and disbelief. Subsequent to the mass execution – the women were raped and the children forced into servitude.

Mind you – this is but the tip of the historical iceberg concerning Islam’s unfettered brutality.

And the reason for such bloody and violent actions? Islam demands it (Koran 2: 191-193 and 9:29).

In fact, according to most major schools of Islamic jurisprudence – the Koran contains no less than 109 verses demanding Muslims to engage in violent jihad against all non-believers.

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