Islam: Raping Christian Women Since the 7th Century


by Pete Parker

If you listen close enough you can still hear the cries of the Christian women who were brutally raped on the streets of Constantinople in 1453 by Muslim marauders. During the siege–thousands of “infidel whores” where ganged raped, tortured and then beheaded by bloodthirsty jihadists shouting “Allah Akbar.”

History tells us that these killers were simply following the paradigm set by their mentally twisted and highly psychotic leader–the Prophet Mohammed. As I have mentioned many times in my previous articles–Mohammed had a ravenous appetite when it came to sexually violating Christian women.

During his 72 military campaigns (to propagate Islam via the sword)–Mohammed and his minions raped thousands of infidel women while shouting endless praises to their moon god–Allah.

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