Islam IS Affecting You Personally (Good Video)


Do you hate being “felt up” at the airport? Islam. Are you afraid to say what you really think? Islam. Are you afraid to post things on the Internet? Islam. Do you know how to pronounce Ach-ma-dinner jacket? Islam. Do you stay away from Dearborn, MI? Islam. Are you re-thinking your life long dream of going to France, England or the Holy Land? Islam. Do you have a weird feeling that our soldiers in the Middle East are not being protected by the Obama Administration? Islam. Do you take your shoes off to get on an airplane? Islam. Do you look at black sheets differently? Islam. Have you seen photographs of beheaded people that you never wanted to see, and the image will never go out of your head? Islam. Do you think twice before entering a running Marathon, or visiting SNL in NY, or flying anywhere? Islam. Do you find yourself ending every bar conversation with “Most Muslims are nice,” when you don’t even know one? Islam. Do you know how to spell Dzokhar? Islam.

It has crept under your skin without you even knowing it.

Islam is YOUR enemy. Wake up. This video explains.

Islam is not a “religion” like Buddhism or Catholicism, it is a political, military and legal system hiding under the facade of “religion.” Islam wants to take over the world like a James Bond movie, like Hitler did. Islam wants to kill Jews and Christians, women and gays. It is rule-by-force and the elite few (big shots) at the top live very well.

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