Islam is Changing America and Not for the Better


by Michael Reisig

Up until the last half century America had always been considered a conservative nation, and its immigrants recognized and accepted that, coming to this country and assimilating into the primary religious and social stratums without particular furor. But social concepts in America have radically changed in the last 50 years. We have gone from a nation with a center of continuity to a hodgepodge of radical concepts, philosophies, and new socio-political ideals. With all our efforts to please everyone, what we have discovered is this “free-for-all” type of government, where everyone gets what they want, never really satisfies anyone. As harsh as it may sound, people are much like children – they actually need boundaries, they need to understand social and lawful perimeters, and most importantly, they need to recognize that there is punishment for failing to stay within those perimeters.

Our new leadership is continually removing boundaries in an attempt to seduce the masses and eliminate the competitive political system we presently have. If this succeeds, what we will be left with is a single tier governmental process that takes care of you from birth to death – sounds wonderful, except that it also eventually eliminates choice on everything from education and employment, to politics. It’s called Communism.

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