ISIS Sex Slaves Reveal Horror Stories


Despite being Sunni Muslims like their captors, women who were deemed ‘sex slaves’ by members of ISIS claim they were raped and beaten for months, according to Daily Mail.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) says it has documented unpredictable detentions by ISIS, beatings, forced marriages, and rape on Sunni women. Although ISIS claims it follows the Sunni Islam religion, its women continue to flee the town of Hawijah to escape the cruel treatment.

Hanan, a 26-year-old, told HRW that when her husband fled the town on Hawijah, an ISIS figure told her she had to marry him. When she refused, the report says she was blindfolded, beaten with plastic cables, suspended by her arms, and then raped.

‘The same guy raped me every day for the next month without a blindfold, always in front of my children,” Hanan told HRW. “My daughter suffers from an intellectual disability so she doesn’t really understand what she saw, but my older son brings it up often. I don’t know what to do.”

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