ISIS Making Hundreds of Millions of Dollars through Extortion


The United States and its allies have been trying to cut off ISIS’s funding. We’ve been targeting oil trucks being used by ISIS to smuggle and sell the crude oil from the wells they control, which is reportedly bringing in about $500 million. We’ve tried to cut off other funding via sanctions against them and businesses they use. ISIS has also been looting some banks with a reported one time take of around $1 billion. ISIS has also been stealing, smuggling and selling numerous antiques, netting millions of dollars.

Yet it has recently been revealed that the Islamic terrorist group has been using another avenue to fund their reign of terror upon the world.

Remember the days here in America when criminal gangs and organized crime syndicates forced business owners to pay for protection or face the consequences? ISIS is using the same type of extortion for those individuals and businesses in the areas they control.

American and European intelligence officials are saying that ISIS has been extorting millions of dollars from those trying to live within the ISIS controlled regions. So, they are reporting that ISIS has taken in around $900 million just through their extortion efforts. The extortion is more than just a protection racket, but part of it is done under the guise of being a legitimate government.
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