ISIS Alive and Growing In Minneapolis-St. Paul


Over the past year we’ve all heard the occasional reports of people here in the US trying to leave to join ISIS in Syria. Yet no one has been talking very much about the growing threat of ISIS already being here in the US.

My first thought would be the areas of Dearborn, Michigan and Murfreesboro, Tennessee as possible hotbeds for ISIS sympathizers, since they are known for their large Islamic communities. If someone would have suggested the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul as an ISIS hotbed I would probably have discounted it. That is until today.

Okay, so four men from Minneapolis were arrested for trying to travel to Syria to join ISIS. That doesn’t make it a hotbed for ISIS activity, does it? After 19 year old Hanad Musse of the Minneapolis plead guilty to charges related to ISIS last Wednesday, reports have surfaced that the Twin Cities has become a top recruiting ground for ISIS here in the US.

They are not recruiting among Syrian or Iranian communities but among the Somalian community in the Twin Cities area. It is estimated that there are around 30,000 Somalians living in the area and officials are reporting that there has been Islamic extremism going back for some years.

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