Is Welfare the Cause of Societies’ Problems?


Instead of breaking the country’s bank; and instead of doling out endless welfare, the answer might incorporate establishing more blacks in more small businesses in places like Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, et al.  I’m sure Herman Cain and many other successful blacks would be more than pleased to mentor large classes of “responsible” and willing blacks in entering the business world.  And I’m not inclucing Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or any of his ilk as “successful.”

There is no reason for mostly whites and orientals owning businesses in virtually all black communities.  The problem has to be solved with getting people OFF welfare, not ON.  The president has spent more time and taxpayer’s money enslaving a whole generation with food stamps, cell phones, high definition TV and everything else to make working for a living a shunned idea.  If these same people owned the businesses, they and their family would be much less disposed to burning down the city on the slightest provocation.

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