Is War between the U.S. and Russia Imminent?


As we reported last week, things are heating up between the U.S. and Russia, and it is best folks learn what is happening. As it seems, the U.S., led by captain chaos, Obama, has U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter say that Washington is prepositioning tanks, artillery, and other military equipment in Eastern and Central Europe, in a move to reassure NATO allies concerned by Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. A Russian Defense Ministry official said stationing tanks and heavy weapons in NATO states on Russia’s border would be the most aggressive U.S. act since the Cold War. So is it worth it? Do we really need a showdown with Russia at the moment instead of handling the ISIS problem?

Carter, during a trip to Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, said on June 23 that the Baltic States — Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, as well as Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland — have agreed to host elements of this equipment.

Some of the equipment would also be located in Germany.

A fact sheet provided by the U.S. military said the United States’ prepositioning would include about 250 tanks, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and self-propelled howitzers.

The amount of equipment that would be temporarily stored in each country would be enough to supply either a company — enough for about 150 soldiers — or a battalion — about 750 soldiers.
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