Is the iPhone Done?


“It’s way better than the iPhone!”

That’s what was said when I asked my friend why in the world she had a Samsung phone. She’s a singer under contract with Disney, currently on tour and I was able to catch her before she hit the road again. She’s the kind of gal you would expect to have the “latest and greatest” gadgets to manage her HUGE career and keep in contact with her manager, road manager, choreographer, makeup artist, personal chef, driver…you get the picture.

So why in the world did she give up the iPhone for an android? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!

Well, I didn’t understand until she showed me some incredible things. It has a contraption that follows your eyes. Yes, you read that right. IT FOLLOWS YOUR EYES. So when she’s watching a movie, and she looks away from her screen, the phone automatically pauses the video until her eyes return to the screen. Or if she’s reading an article and her eyes get to the bottom of the screen, it automatically scrolls down so she can continue to read without lifting a finger. There’s an ability called “hover” where she can hover over a button and it would show what would happen if she decided to click on it.

The home screen looks suspiciously like the “easy to navigate” home screen of the iPhone, but that’s the only aspect I could attribute to Apple.

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