Is Personhood For Unborn the Next Supreme Court Battle?


What is the fight for life truly about? It is about the right for an unborn child to be protected who is an innocent and not be put to death by the mother. This is not a seesaw where the doctor and the mother get to pick and choose; it is the right by God and the protection of the U.S. Constitution that governs. There is no women’s right to choose when it comes to murder!

This battle has been a long time in coming and Texas, as well as Ohio and other states, have become the launch pads for the abortion battle of the 21st Century. The case is clear: Personhood for the unborn vs. mothers who engage in state sanctioned murder.

The very idea that Planned Parenthood has decided to descend upon Texas is not by accident. Their plot is clear and their purpose is exact. Planned Parenthood does not care about protecting the life of a mother, but it wants to prevent a governor, as in Rick Perry, from winning a battle to protect the lives of unborn babies.

This is crucial to Planned Parenthood because they believe that Governor Perry will run again for President unencumbered by his current duties as governor of Texas. They believe that he can create momentum for pro-life forces in other red, purple and blue states. After all, what is done big in Texas can be replicated in other states as well.

But at the center of this current legislative abortion controversy comes an issue which has been working its way through the nation’s statehouses, and that is an unborn baby’s legal right to personhood.

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