Is Pelosi Predicting Republican Victory Over Obamacare?


Remember when then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made her infamous statement?

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Ever since that absurd comment from California’s finest, Pelosi has a track record of making statements about Obamacare that are the opposite of being accurate or true. She has continuously stated that Obamacare has successfully made healthcare cheaper and provided better access to doctors and treatments. Yet all reports have proven that Pelosi is wrong, wrong and wrong.

Pelosi has also stated that millions of uninsured Americans now have affordable healthcare thanks to Obamacare. Yet most of the reports indicate that even more Americans are without healthcare insurance now than when Obamacare took effect. Most of the millions that have signed up already had healthcare insurance. Even in Pelosi’s home state of California, a third of the people with policies obtained through Covered California failed to renew their policies.

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