Is Obama Using Medicaid Expansion to Bankrupt States?


Five of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution are a problem for Barack Obama and his socialist following. What socialist government wants its citizens to have freedom of speech, religion, the right to bear arms, protection against illegal search and seizure and the freedom of self-incrimination? Honoring states’ rights as stated in the 10th Amendment is also problematic for a federal socialist government.

Even since Obama illegally moved into the White House, we have seen his many efforts to abolish the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th Amendments. It’s no longer acceptable or legal for a Christian to publically criticize a homosexual or refuse to serve them while at the same time it is legal for a homosexual to trample on and blaspheme God and Jesus Christ. Do I even need to mention how many times Obama has tried to disarm the American people? No knock raids are now being held up in courts all around the country and it’s okay to force a conservative or Christian to incriminate themselves while liberals and socialists are allowed to lie through their teeth.

Finally, we have seen numerous examples of the Obama administration legally attacking states for passing laws that go against Obama’s agenda. They filed suits against states that passed voter ID laws and those that passed their own immigration laws and so on.

Yet, according to the 10th Amendment, the federal government only has the limited powers granted to it by the Constitution and the states, not the other way around.

So I can’t help but wonder if Obama’s Medicaid expansion via the Affordable Care Act is nothing more than a means to place many states in dire financial problems that they end up going bankrupt and turning to the federal government for help.
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