Is Black on White Crime EVER a ‘Hate Crime?’


Frankly, if I was the Florence, Alabama police chief, I’d be a bit embarrassed, but maybe it’s not completely his fault. After all, we are seeing the result of what emotional virtue has created in America, where a group of blacks can beat up a family of white people and the police chief has to think about whether the crime is racially motivated. He has to take time to consider whether he will charge anyone with a hate crime, provided the perpetrators are found and arrested first.

I emailed Chief Tyler asking him if he had the time to discuss the situation with me. His response was: “I have plenty of time. Call [telephone number] and set up an appointment with my secretary and I will discuss at length with you. I don’t have these conversations via email nor social media. Have a good evening sir.”

As requested, I contacted his secretary and set up an appointment to speak with Chief Tyler at 2:00 pm my time, today. His secretary assured me that if something came up that would prohibit the chief from speaking with me, she would contact me. At 2:00pm I called and was told that Chief Tyler was not available and I would be speaking with Detective Harris.

I went over the situation with him and asked him if there is anything about the event in which a white family was attacked by blacks that would determine it to be a racial hate crime.
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