Is ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Conferred by the Constitution?


I think that many of you are catching on to something that I have been ranting about for several years; specifically, that nearly 100% of the alleged “experts” on television, including those on the supposedly “conservative” cable network, are suffering from a pernicious ailment. Symptoms include the inability to think critically, the incessant repetition of ridiculous clichés, and the desperate desire to fit in with the liberals who control their social circles. Regular listeners to The Teri O’Brien Show know that I have named this malady “East Coast Brain Rot,” and it has been on prominent display since Donald Trump released his excellent immigration plan last weekend.

Why do people like Dana Perino, Stephen Moore and any number of other commentators, some of whom actually claim to be lawyers, persist in saying that the 14th amendment mandates that we continue the suicidal practice of allowing illegal alien invaders to unilaterally grant citizenship to their spawn just by breaking the law? I don’t care whether they sneak across the border, or fly first class as part of a luxury “birth tourism” adventure, the notion that they have the right to confer citizenship on anyone, by deliberately, and with pre-meditation, violating our laws is idiotic and nonsensical on its face. Pay attention, Dana, Stephen, Judge Napolitano and the rest of you because I need to educate you. You are wrong about birthright citizenship. Ridding ourselves of this magnet for illegals does not require a Constitutional amendment. It requires only a statute passed by Congress, which has absolute authority over conferring citizenship.

Once again, when they are seeking to suck up to their liberal puppet masters, the mush-headed, East Coast Brain Rot afflicted ignore the unambiguous language of the Constitution. They cite the 14th amendment’s words: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside,” choosing to completely ignore the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” If the authors of this amendment intended to confer citizenship on anyone born in the United States, they would not have needed to add the additional language. Even the genius talking heads on TV should be able to understand that.
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