Is Arkansas Covering Up the Clinton’s Crimes?


Previous reports during the Ride for the Constitution event back in 2013 indicated that former Clinton associate Larry Nichols admitted being a hitman for the Clintons. Following that admission, he also went on to admit months later that he was the man that cut off Wayne DuMond’s testicles at the order of Bill Clinton. While he has provided excuses for why he said those things, new evidence provided by Pete Santilli indicates that Mr. Nichols continues to confess to capital crimes and indicates he should be arrested on the basis of those claims.

Last week, I was to interview former Clinton associate Larry Nichols of Clinton Chronicles fame on the Sons of Liberty radio show. Prior to that interview, I was contacted by the Deborah Jordan of the Pete Santilli show. Ms. Jordan had no idea that I had scheduled an interview with Larry Nichols the following day. She proceeded to inform me that Mr. Nichols had not only confessed on several occasions to criminal acts (see here and here), but they had just released a new audio file of Nichols admitting that he had committed murder for the Clintons.
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