The IRS intimidation story you have not heard


by Renee Nal

Although there have been quite a few new developments in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting scandal in the last few weeks, the mainstream media has been predictably silent.

A journalist and author at the Brenner Brief, Victoria O’Kane, wrote on this very issue, compiling the recent events into one article, where she also revealed a story about an “ordinary citizen” who had a bizarre and disturbing experience while protesting his IRS office on April 15 with his local Tea Party:

An ordinary citizen named Robert Hamm went to the IRS office in Hauppauge New York on April fifteenth with about fifteen other Tea Party members to peacefully protest. The IRS had two Homeland Security officers there to monitor them in a clearly marked patrol car. They were conspicuously photographing the members. The IRS had also called in two Suffolk County police officers to further keep an eye on this small and peaceful group in a clear effort to intimidate them.

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