Iran, Our Heroes


by Rebekah Maxwell

Weekend News and Views

Iran, Our Heroes: As the terrorists continue their murderous march on Baghdad, we’re learning so much from our newfound allies in Iran. Like how the largest state sponsor of terrorism can suddenly become the heroic defender of freedom for Islamic terrorists…and suddenly rule over U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

According to the Guardian, Iran sent 2,000 advance troops to Iraq over the weekend to help tackle the “jihadist insurgency.” When Iran’s president was asked at a press conference on Saturday whether Tehran could work with the US to tackle ISIS, said: “We can think about it if we see America starts confronting the terrorist groups in Iraq or elsewhere.”

Wow, there’s a new idea. We should start confronting terrorist groups. Then, maybe after a bankrupting decade of bloodshed, we’ll have really paved the the way for tyranny, er…democracy in the Middle East. Why didn’t we think of that before?! I’m sure when the U.S. meets with Iran’s leaders, our new allies will have many more insights on how to stop Islamic terror. After all, they are experts on the subject. I hope they invite the Ayatollah Khamenei. Then we can plan that party for the return of the 12th Imam and the destruction of all us infidels. In other words, world peace.

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